Monday, January 14, 2013


January Thaw? That must be what is going on. I'm watching the snow slowly sink into the Earth as water, and I can feel my attitude starting to sink as well. This always happens and I'm not sure why it catches me off guard, but it always does.

Yesterday I woke up and it was foggy, I mean really foggy. My skiing partner and I had planned to climb that morning and I figured what the heck. So we headed out into the pea soup thick fog and made our way to the mountain. I was joking that I could just sit in the car and enjoy my coffee and then take a nap, but Chris wouldn't let me off the hook and we kitted up to head up the hill.

Chris kept telling me it would be clear when we got up higher, I wasn't so sure. The climb is only 1300 feet, so it only takes about 35-40 minutes, but after 15 minutes we were still in the dank fog. Then we began to see a bit of pink in the air as the fog thinned and the sun began to approach the early morning horizon. We then broke through and were treated to a spectacular sunrise with fantastic undercast.

As we climbed above the clouds I could feel my spirits begin to rise. The snow was a bit crusty, but it was snow and it wasn't melting. By the time we got to the summit I was full on giddy to get my skins off and to enjoy the trip down. The snow was better than it had looked and soon I was full on smiles. Of course what lay beneath my feet as we descended was more fog, but it no longer mattered as I had seen the sun.

Now I've gotta go watch the Weather Channel and see when we can get back into a storm cycle again!

Get out and ski.

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